Services - Facility Management

Facility Management can be briefly defined as “Making use of the existing resources combined with the latest technology to facilitate maximum level of quality output by increasing the productivity considering the economical factors.”

A facility management system provides a way to monitor and adjust system operation in facilities. Today's systems allow facility management from multi locations. Successful facility management is more than just creating a functional workplace; it is creating a workplace that functions to meet the evolving demands of the core business.

Computer World has the team of technocrats, proficient in various domains of the IT sector. It will be updating the latest technological revolutions. The entire team is capable and confident of tuning all the clients’ IT requirements to latest paradigm in the most economical way using the best possible combinations of the facilities available.

Once the study of client’s requirements is done, the plan, with the list of available resources be it infrastructure, hardware and software, man power, technical expertise of the users etc. is made ready, simultaneously understanding the existing system. The solution is then proposed making use of the available resources and man power at the client’s premises. The responsibility starts from the study and ends at the effective implementation and maintenance.

The solutions may vary from simple supply of hardware to setting up VOIP, RAS, WAN, LAN, E-Business infrastructure, maintenance of Client/Server Systems (Unix, Solaris, Windows NT, Novell, Linux), Development and Implementation / Maintenance of Web applications, Mail Services etc.

The client will be updated from time to time regarding the latest technological innovations by the technical team and its implementation for client’s best usage. This gives client an edge on the latest technology available in their Organization. The information and regular meetings give further improvement on the implication. In the same way users also will be trained time to time as per the fixed. Special Value Added Service (VAS) attention will be always given to the client in terms of time and expertise available.

At Computer World, we not only deliver, we also care.

Computer World provides tailor made services in various patterns to fit every customer’s budget viz.

  ▪ Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  ▪ Annual Service Contract (ASC)
  ▪ On Call Service (OCS)
  ▪ Customized Maintenance Solution (CMS)
  ▪ Data Migration from and to versatile database
  ▪ Data Synchronization
  ▪ Data Recovery even in case of accidental formatting

Advantage :

  ▪ Free Replacement of all defective parts*
  ▪ Repair and Servicing of spares
  ▪ Unlimited number of on site service calls*
  ▪ Rigorous and exhaustive Preventive Maintenance
  ▪ Stopgap arrangement*
  ▪ Periodic reporting of status and the up gradation of the systems*
  ▪ Resident engineer*
  ▪ No need of stop gap inventory
  ▪ Single window solution
  ▪ Peace of mind
  ▪ Value for money

        *Applicable only for comprehensive contracts

Annual Service Contract includes all the facilities, which AMC provides except the coverage of spares.

On Call Service will be done on the per call request basis pertaining to the reported requirement / problem.

Customized maintenance solutions will be provided to the client based on their requirements like maintenance of networking, mail, web, database, dataflow etc.